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  1. 2009.06.01 CS/DB Conference Rankings
예전에는 아는 사람들끼리만 알음알음 알던 것이 이제는 어떤 척도들을 가지고 순위도 부여하고 있나보다.
재미있는 것은 어떤 척도들로 순위를 부여했는지는 몰라도, 적어도 내 분야에서는 이 순위가 꽤 잘 들어맞는다는 거다.

Top 88 conferences are listed (636 considered):
    SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data (0.99)
    VLDB: Very Large Data Bases (0.99)
    KDD: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (0.99)
    ICDE: Intl Conf on Data Engineering (0.98)
    ICDT: Intl Conf on Database Theory (0.97)
    S&P: IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (0.97)
    SIGIR: ACM SIGIR Conf on Information Retrieval (0.96)
    PODS: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Principles of DB Systems (0.95)
    WWW: World-Wide Web Conference (0.92)
    FODO: Intl Conf on Foundation on Data Organization (0.91)
    ER: Intl Conf on Conceptual Modeling � ER (0.90)
    CIKM: Intl. Conf on Information and Knowledge Management (0.90)
    KR: Intl Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (0.90)
    DOOD: Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases (0.89)
    DEXA: Database and Expert System Applications (0.88)
    SSDBM: Intl Conf on Scientific and Statistical DB Mgmt (0.88)
    COMAD: Intl Conf on Management of Data (0.88)
    EDBT: Extending DB Technology (0.88)
    ICDM: IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (0.87)
    VDB: Visual Database Systems (0.87)
    SSD: Intl Symp on Large Spatial Databases (0.85)
    CoopIS: Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (0.85)
    SAM: Intl Conference on Security and Management (0.85)
    IFIP-DS: IFIP-DS Conference (0.85)
    DaWaK: Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (0.85)
    ADTI: Intl Symp on Advanced DB Technologies and Integration (0.83)
    PAKDDM: Practical App of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (0.82)
    NGDB: Intl Symp on Next Generation DB Systems and Apps (0.81)
    MDM: Int. Conf. on Mobile Data Access/Management - MDA/MDM (0.80)
    ARTDB: Active and Real-Time Database Systems (0.80)
    CODAS: Intl Symp on Cooperative DB Systems for Adv Apps (0.80)
    IFIP-DBSEC: IFIP Workshop on Database Security (0.80)
    EFIS/EFDBS: Engineering Federated Information (Database) Systems (0.80)
    IDEAS: International Database Engineering and Application Symposium (0.80)
    USITS: USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (0.80)
    IKE: Intl Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (0.80)
    KRDB: Knowledge Representation Meets Databases (0.79)
    ADBIS: Symposium on Advances in DB and Information Systems (0.79)
    DMIN: Intl Conference on Data Mining (0.79)
    DBPL: Workshop on Database Programming Languages (0.79)
    ICOMP: (or IC in DBLP) International Conference on Internet Computing (0.79)
    NLDB: Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases (0.79)
    FQAS: Flexible Query-Answering Systems (0.79)
    DASFAA: Database Systems for Advanced Applications (0.79)
    IDC(W): International Database Conference - HK CS (0.79)
    NRDM: Workshop on Network-Related Data Management (0.78)
    RTDB: Workshop on Real-Time Databases (0.78)
    BNCOD: British National Conference on Databases (0.77)
    WebDB: International Workshop on the Web and Databases (0.77)
    MEWS: Mining for Enhanced Web Search (0.77)
    DASWIS: Data Semantics in Web Information Systems (0.77)
    DMDW: Design and Management of Data Warehouses (0.76)
    NDB: National Database Conference - China (0.76)
    OODBS: Workshop on Object-Oriented Database Systems (0.76)
    ADC: Australasian Database Conference (0.75)
    USENIX Security: USENIX Security Symposium (0.75)
    PDIS: Parallel and Distributed Information Systems (0.75)
    WCW: Web Caching Workshop (0.75)
    ISWC: International Semantic Web Conference (0.75)
    DOLAP: International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (0.75)
    WECWIS: Workshop on Advanced Issues of E-Comm. & Web Based Info. Sys. (0.75)
    KDEX: Knowledge and Data Engineering Exchange Workshop (0.74)
    MobiDE: Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (0.74)
    MDDS: Mobility in Databases and Distributed Systems (0.74)
    SWWS: Semantic Web and Web Services (0.73)
    TAKMA: Theory and Applications of Knowledge Management (0.73)
    WIDM: International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (0.70)
    DMKD: Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (0.69)
    WAIM: International Conference on Web Age Information Management (0.69)
    CDB: Constraint Databases and Applications (0.69)
    SPIRE: String Processing and Information Retrieval (0.69)
    DTVE: Workshop on Database Technology for Virtual Enterprises (0.69)
    IWDOM: International Workshop on Distributed Object Management (0.69)
    ADMA: Advanced Data Mining and Applications (0.65)
    PAKDD: Pacific-Asia Conf on Know. Discovery and Data Mining (0.64)
    W4A: Workshop on Web Accessibility (0.63)
    DATESO: Databases, Texts, Specifications, Objects (0.62)
    K-CAP: International Conference on Knowledge Capture (0.62)
    PKDD: Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (0.62)
    KDDMBD: Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining in Biological Databases (0.61)
    KES: Int'l Conf. on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Info. & Eng. Systems (0.61)
    DBA: Databases and Applications (0.60)
    ICDIM: International Conference on Digital Information Management (0.59)
    DNIS: Databases in Networked Information Systems (0.59)
    PAKM: Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (0.57)
    KDID: International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases (0.55)
    SCN: International Conference on Security in Communication Networks (0.54)
    SDM: SIAM Intl Conference on Data Mining (0.51)

인터넷을 뒤져보니 참고할만한 rank를 제공하는 사이트가 몇군데 있다.

사실 요새 말도 안되는 국제 학술대회가 얼마나 많은가? 간단하게 국제논문 실적 챙기기 위해
IEEE, ACM Proceeding으로 출간된다는 말을 CFP에 걸고, 갑자기 만들어지는 첨보는 학회들과 저널들, 뭐 새 학회를 만든다는 것이 꼭 나쁘다고 말할 수는 없지만, 실적을 위해 만들어지는 듯한 느낌도 지울 수 없다.


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