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Readings in Information Retrieval

Edited by

Karen Sparck Jones
University of Cambridge

Peter Willett
University of Sheffield

Chapter 1 Overall Introduction

Chapter 2 History

The Thesaurus Approach to Information Retrieval
T. Joyce and R. M. Needham
The Automatic Derivation of Information Retrieval Encodements from Machine-Readable Texts
H. P. Luhn
Indexing and Abstracting by Association. Part I
L. B. Doyle
On Relevance, Probabilistic Indexing and Information Retrieval
M. E. Maron and J. L. Kuhns
The Cranfield Tests on Index Language Devices
C. W. Cleverdon
Computer Evaluation of Indexing and Text Processing, JACM 15(1) 1968
Gerard Salton and M. E. Lesk

Chapter 3 Key Concepts

The Concept of "Aboutness" in Subject Indexing
W. J. Hutchins
The Testing of Index Language Devices
C. W. Cleverdon and J. Mills
D. J. Foskett
Using Problem Structures for Driving Human-Computer Dialogues
P. J. Daniels, H. M. Brooks, and N. J. Belkin
Relevance: A Review of and a Framework for Thinking
T. Saracevic

Chapter 4 Evaluation

A Study of Information Seeking and Retreving. I. Background and Methodology
T. Saracevic, P. Kantor, A. Y. Chamis, and D. Trivison
On Selecting a Measure of Retrieval Effectiveness. Part I
W. S. Cooper
The Pragmatics of Information Retrieval Experimentation, Revisited
J. Tague-Sutcliffe
Presenting Results of Experimental Retrieval Comparisons
E. M. Keen
MEDLARS: Report on the Evaluation of Its Operating Efficiency
F. W. Lancaster
The TREC Conferences
D. K. Harman

Chapter 5 Models

Getting Beyond Boole
W. S. Cooper
A Non-Classical Logic for Information Retrieval
C. J. van Rijsbergen
A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing, CACM 18(11) 1975
Gerard Salton, A. Wong, and C. S. Yang
The Probability Ranking Principle in IR
S. E. Robertson
Inference Networks for Document Retrieval
H. Turtle and W. B. Croft
ASK for Information Retrieval. Part I. Background and Theory
N. J. Belkin, R. N. Oddy, and H. M. Brooks

Chapter 6 Techniques

An Algorithm for Suffix Stripping
M. F. Porter
Robust Text Processing in Automated Information Retrieval
T. Strzalkowski
Term-Weighting Approaches in Automatic Text Retrieval, Retrieval., Information Processing and Management 24(5) 1988
Gerard Salton and C. Buckley
Search Term Relevance Weighting Given Little Relevance Information
K. Sparck Jones
Using Probabilistic Models of Document Retrieval without Relevance Information
W. B. Croft and D. J. Harper
Some Simple Effective Approximations to the 2-Poisson Model for Probabilistic Weighted Retrieval
S. E. Robertson and S. Walker
Improving Retrieval Performance by Relevance Feedback, JASIS 41(4) 1990
Gerard Salton and C. Buckley
Using Interdocument Similarity Information in Document Retrieval Systems
A. Griffiths, H. C. Luckhurst, and P. Willett

Chapter 7 Systems

The SMART and SIRE Experimental Retrieval Systems
Gerard Salton and M. J. McGill
Architecture of an Expert System for Composite Document Analysis, representation, and Retrieval
E. A. Fox and R. K. France
User-Friendly Systems Instead of User-Friendly Front-Ends
D. K. Harman
The Okapi Online Catalogue Research Projects
S. Walker
TREC and TIPSTER Experiments with INQUERY
J. P. Callan, W. B. Croft, and J. S. Broglio
RUBRIC: A System for Rule-Based Information Retrieval
B. P. McCune, R. M. Tong, and J. Dean
TARGET and FREESTYLE: DIALOG and Mead Join the Relevance Ranks
C. Tenopir and P. Cahn

Chapter 8 Extensions

A Hypertext Environment for Interacting with Large Databases
M. Agosti, G. Gradenigo, and P. G. Marchetti
Automatic Analysis, theme Generation, and Summarization of Machine-Readable Texts
Gerard Salton, J. Allan, C. Buckley, and A. Singhal
Querying Across Languages: A Dictionary-Based Approach to Multilingual Information Retrieval
D. A. Hull and G. Grefenstette
Experiments in Spoken Document Retrieval
K. Sparck Jones, G. J. F. Jones, J. T. Foote, and S. J. Young
Video Parsing, Retrieval and Browsing: An Integrated and Content-Based Solution
H. J. Zhang, C. Y. low, S. W. Smoliar, and J. H. Wu
The Automatic Indexing System AIR/PHYS - From Research to Application
P. Biebricher, N. Fuhr, G. Lustig, M. Schwantner, and G. Knorz
A News Story Categorization System
P. J. Hayes, L. E. Knecht, and M. J. Cellio
Conceptual Information Extraction and Retrieval from Natural Language Input
L. F. Rau
A Production Rule System for Message Summarization
E. Marsh, H. Hamburger, and R. Grishman
The Application of Linguistic Processing to Automatic Abstract Generation
F. C. Johnson, C. D. Paice, W. J. Black, and A. P. Neal

Chapter 9 Envoi

Historical Note: Information Retrieval and the Future of an Illusion
D. R. Swanson
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